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Microsoft Launching R2 at European Conference

Microsoft is launching SQL Server 2008 R2 at PASS European Conference 2010 in Neuss, Germany, during a special pre-conference session with Donald Farmer on April 21. The conference, running April 21-23, also features a dedicated R2 track available to all attendees, with in-depth sessions by Microsoft and top community experts.

Check out the other full-day pre-cons—SQL Server Internal Tools for the DBA with Bob Ward and Tackling Top Reporting Services Issues with Adam Saxton—plus the 2 action-packed days of SQL Server and BI training and networking to follow. Register today!

More on PASS and SQLSaturday: As PASS and SQLSaturday leaders work on transition plans that ensure the free events’ continued growth, service to the community, and die-hard grassroots character, SQLSaturday fans express their dedication and hopes for the future:


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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Author: William R. Stanek

Dealing with Micromanagement

By Kevin Kline

Imagine you’re working on a new project. It’s an important project, and its success will be a big win for the organization. You were chosen for the job because of your competency, skill, and effectiveness. You get things like this done all the time and have a track record for pulling it off. Now that the project is underway, you’re finding that trust and support you need from management is absent. Instead, you’ve got a micromanaging boss, who’s put so many additional requirements on you for reporting, meetings, and whatever their favorite nit-picking happens to be that management is actually an impediment to successfully completing the project!

The bad news is that this happens to all of us at some time or another. In fact, it’s so common that exit interviews show that nearly one in three professionals has changed jobs to escape micromanaging or unreasonable bosses. Read more.

Writing for The Standard: Abstract tips from
Scary DBA.
Don’t be afraid to send in your article proposals to PASS’s online magazine, The SQL Server Standard. Editor Grant “Scary DBA” Fritchey wants to publish your technical articles and pay you a fair price for them. To get started, all you need to do is submit a concise abstract, such as these.


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Upcoming SQL Server Events:

Live Meeting - PASS DBA Chapter Presents: Locking and Blocking Made Simple
Feb. 24, 12-1pm ET

Live Meeting - PASS AppDev Chapter Presents: Adding SSRS Report Bells and Whistles March 9, 12-1pm ET

Live Meeting - PASS DBA Chapter Presents: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Application and Multi-Server Management
March 10, 12-1pm MT

SQL Saturday #37
March 13, 7:00am-5:15pm ET Philadelphia, PA

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Win a Spectacular Alaska Cruise for 2!

One lucky PASS Summit 2010 registrant will be enjoying the world's best SQL Server and BI conference, Nov. 8-11 in Seattle, WA, after returning from a luxurious 7-day Alaska cruise for two! Will it be you? Just register by March 15 for your chance to win, plus save 40% off the regular Full Summit rate until March 30. Learn more and register!

PASS Summit: Word on the Street. Here’s what some past attendees are saying about their Summit experiences in blogs and tweets:

  • Jack Corbett: The Summit has been described as “A family reunion where you like everyone.”…The learning never stops. I can't recommend the Summit enough.
  • Paul Randal (Twitter): #sqlpass isn't a conference, it's one big SQL fun-fest with a bunch of new and old friends. What a damn good time!
  • Donabel Santos: After attending my first Summit, I realize now how much I have been missing.
  • Jonathan Kehayias: As a testament to the value of attending [Summit], the very first session, I diagnosed a problem in one of my servers that was impossible to diagnose unless you knew what you were looking at.
  • Aaron Bertrand: If you didn't make it to Summit 2009, I feel bad for you. I get so much out of this conference year after year, and I strongly encourage you to do whatever you can to make it next year.
  • Jacob Sebastian: Getting to Seattle from India takes around 36 hours; however, looking at what I gained, these difficulties are not even worth mentioning.


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